Saturday, January 18, 2020

Psy 322 Week 1 Assignment Essay

How do people measure, or know or how goods will be accepted? Consumer psychology is how people relate to the goods and services they use in their daily lives. Consumer psychology studies people and by doing so provides what factors are important in the decision making of purchases and the value of services. By having this knowledge of consumer’s organizations, businesses and retailers improve their marketing. First of all there needs to be an understanding of why the consumer buys in the first place. Is it for a need or a want or is it to fulfill something? The buying process can be very basic or very complex and have many influences from external to internal reasoning. There are many things that factor in to understanding the entire process and the best way to understand them is through consumer psychology. Decisions to buy can be emotional. Emotions can lead a person to shop. Feelings are people’s primary way to make judgments and decision making. A woman can be upse t at her husband, need a break from the kids, or she could be happy and want to spend impulsively. A marketer only has a chance to contend with commercials and ads to penetrate the feelings of the consumer. Consumer personal behavior is influenced by many, family, culture, environment, competition and social attitudes. These are factors to be evaluated and how they are used for persuasion. Friends and family influence the clothes one wears. Culture and family are a persons or peoples area of up bring that can influences the way services are done and the way products are purchased. After taking a deeper look into the whole idea of consumer psychology there are lot of new approaches that are on the horizon that could possibly take effect. Image is a factor into today’s society whether we believe it or not. There is always the clichà © that â€Å"size doesn’t matter† but in all honesty people are always trying to find a way to become healthier. Well according to the New York Times grocery stores have thought of an idea to get people to have realization while walking the stores by putting mirrors in the shopping cart that will allow them to get a glance of themselves before consumers chose to put junk food in the cart. Marketers feel it might help them to reconsider groceries if they have to take a good at themselves before putting their items in the cart then maybe wiser decisions will be made. Another area that has changed psychological views of consumers is the economy. We have been in a recession for quite some time and have seen that people aren’t going out and buying as much. In an article known as â€Å"From buy, buy to bye-bye: The recession will have a lasting impact on the way people shop† there is much indication that in many different areas those sales have plummeted and continue to do so. The consumer psychological view is to save money and prices of any type of sales keep rising without any le-way for the consumer. If marketers do not learn make bargains for their consumers’ bucks then there will be a better chance for the economy to buy instead of saying bye-bye to buying. All in all, the consumer is looking for options that will help them in their lives to better themselves. Although sometimes the mechanism that marketers use to persuades the consumer to make choices that are more convenient and might not be as good for them. Consumer psychology is at a very vulnerable state in today’s society because everyone wants to be a part of something big or new that is how the market communicates with them. Therefore the understanding is that sometimes consumers have no hope in area of choice because the market is always there to persuade them to try new things. REFERENCES: MOSS, MICHAEL. Copyright 2013. Nudged to the Produce Aisle by a Look in the Mirror Retrieved from The Economist. Copyright 2009. From buy, buy to bye-bye: The recession will have a lasting impact on the way people shop. Retrieved from,

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