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Personal Journal Community Service Initiative

Question: Discuss about thePersonal Journalfor Community Service Initiative. Answer: Entry-1 Introduction of the CSI Project In this journal entry, I want to start explaining my experience the benefits of the Community Service Initiative (CSI). I have heard many benefits of the community services and I was very excited to accomplish my project. Through this project, I expected to develop an increased sense of social responsibility and about multiculturalism, which will not only help me in my academic learning but also enhance my goodwill to help a human at the time of their needs. One such community cares that I always want to help those people who are unable to do anything in the last stage of the life. Thus, my primary concern was in Hospice care services. I have always witnessed that older adults who are chronically ill are not treated well by their family members. My team member desired to collect funds for these people to arrange a celebration so that they can cheer for a day and gather happiness in their terminal stage. The primary objective behind this approach is that their family members are not k een to meet them and share time with them and as consulted with many doctors I have come to learn that there is a chance of healthy life for them if some happiness will be provided to them. In the context of the Projek 57, one thing I like to mention that I encourage all the students regarding the social aspect of our society and I would like to thank my mentor for providing me a chance to highlight a neglected field of the community. When my entire team went in one such hospice care unit, we felt very bad, as these people are unable to do anything on their own and have to rely on others. Those people, on the other hand, have to look after other patients and have their family to attend. Moreover, some older adults are unable to talk and thus they do not get exactly what they required. The issue that my team recognizes is that they need moral support and need happiness to overcome from the thinking that they are an isolated community of the society. We need a lot of funds so we can provide services to almost 60 elderly people and for that, I have created a WhatsApp group name MISSION HOSPICE. Entry-2 Brainstorming for the Project In this entry, I would explain my perspective for the planning of our approach so that it can be accomplished successfully. In order to complete my desire, I have to plan for a fund-raising event and then purchase some decoration items and medications for those extremely ill people. We planned to ask for charity to the leading organization of Malaysia so that they can also be aware of this group of the community, who need extreme care compared to any other group. In the WhatsApp group, my team member suggests organization from where funds have to be collected and the things can be bought so that the elderly people will be happy and the medical equipment so that effective care can be provided to them at their terminal stage of the life. We often held a meeting for discussion the opinion we shared in our WhatsApp group. In this group, my team member suggests organization from where funds have to be collected and the things can be bought so that the elderly people will be happy and the medical equipment so that effective care can be provided to them at their terminal stage of the life. The meeting often ends up late as we analyze the most effective plan for arranging the fund-raising event and then purchase the things for our desired product. Often there are some conflicts among the team members and I have learned to be patient so that I can learn everyone's concern and give them a proper reason of selecting one opinion out of the many. Even my teammates are also supporting and we divide into three teams so that one team can raise money and the second team will go any purchase all the obligatory objects; while the third team prepares for the occasion that we planned for the elderly patients in the hospice care service center. Entrey-3 Presentation of the Plan We have prepared a PowerPoint presentation for the plan that we have to make to out mentors and the assessor of Projek57. We have to present the illustration based on the division of our work and hence each one of us has to discuss the plan in details. Every one of us has some drawback; especially I was very nervous, as I have to start the illustration of the overview of the presentation. My team members encouraged me a lot and we practiced two times before the final review. We have incorporated the financial details, the work division and the expected outcome to the founder of the projek57 so that we got the approval. The founder asks us why we selected the chronically ill people when everyone selected a field that is accessed easily and everyone is aware of. I remember that I answered him that the first experience I got when I saw my neighbor to behave rudely with their old father. They hesitate to touch him and make him sit in a corner. I felt very bad, think about other elder mem bers and selected this field for the CIS project. We noted their feedback and noted them, which helped us to accomplish our planned thing with efficient. I would want to appreciate the founder and our mentors that with their valuable feedback we attained our expected outcome faster than our assumed approach. At last, I can say that I have learned that people in the higher designation are people like us and we can communicate with them as we do with our friends and mentors. They helped me to speak with confidence and taught me gestures that will help me to present my presentation with efficiency in the future. At the end of the meeting, we have greeted everyone and our team started to perform their roles as per as the business plan. Entry-4 Fund-Raising Experience We have opened our stall before Sunway Pyramid so that a maximum amount can be raised. Our team members also approach some leading companies like Maxis Berhad and Axiata Group Berhad for collecting some voluntary fund. In this way, we not only communicate with the leading brands but also bale to generate awareness of the hospice services running in the Malaysia and the adversity of those elderly people. The stalls have the facility to collect funds in cheques and through money transfer. Three of the team member made some hoarding with pictures of chronically ill elderly people and quotation so that people come to know about them and their condition. In my perception, this is the most effective field of selection as every family has their old parents or grandparent or they themselves will be in such age. Two more members illustrate speeches that I had written for them, which contains our project details and purpose we have selected for them. It is true that we are not present at the s ame place at the same time but at the end of the day when we meet, we discuss our experience. I came to know that everyone appreciates our initiatives and helps with monetary support. We have a shop for some decorative items so that hospice center can be decorated. Medical pieces of equipment and accessories like adult diapers, saline bottles and injection also bought by our team after all the collection. We also provide a printed bill with my number and the address of the hospice center for further contacts regarding our community services. During this journey, we have come to learn that many products are there that a person may require. Some of the team members also get detailed information about the medicines and equipment their patient need for initial treatment and care so that we can find those products and can make a successful purchase with the fund we raise. Entrey-5 Overall Experience The experience that we gather at the end of the Projek57 we have developed out social relations, communication skills and confidence to lead a charitable event. We had worked with collaboration and learned that every business approach needs planning and our mentors have helped us to execute our plan effectively. I also want to add that when we are decorating the hospice center, the caring staff members also cooperate with us and at the evening when we light on the lights and decoration, we observed a smile on their face and we felt a sensation of success. Our entire team cheered and we spoke to every elderly people over there and asked him or her to make a wish so that we can fulfill those wishes. They blessed us and asked us to come again and meet them. Moreover, on completion of this assessment, I have learned that people desire to help needy people of the society but due to lack of time they are always looking for a medium and they all congratulate us for performing as a medium fo r this charitable work. I would like to thank all of our mentors and the founder of the Projek57 and concluded that the plan we prepare is executed as expected. We are also success in delivering awareness to the locality about their elderly family member. All of my team members are also good and cooperative and we have performed our duties skillfully and hoped we had achieved the main objective of the assessment. My family members also su[port and encourage me with the details of few other hospice centers so that we can continue our work for those center and can spread smiles to hundred of elderly people who are suffering from severe disease and are unable to do their daily work.

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