Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Fashion marketing 3750 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Fashion marketing 3750 - Essay Example Introduction There are many theories and concepts that have been developed and applied to the field of marketing over time. This paper mainly focuses on the marketing mix although, at some point, it gives a reflection on other aspects of marketing. The main focus is with put on fashion marketing. People like fashion. Every human being wants to feel part of the present dispensation in terms of fashion. It is when the appropriate marketing strategies with the good mix is put in place that people get to understand what is new and fashionable thereby pushing them to go for the products. In the UK, clothing is the second largest retail sector. This is the sector that can be said to be the stronghold of fashion. It is where fashion begins. One can even say that this is where fashion ends. Therefore, when discussing fashion, clothing comes into mind. As such, these products have to be marketed adequately in order to inform the customers about them, how they can get them, where they can obta in them and at what price they are able to obtain them. The Marketing Concept Marketing is the analysis, planning, implementing and control of carefully devised programs designed to create voluntary exchanges of value with objective markets for the intent of achieving organizational goals. It is a managerial process which aims at achieving the objectives of any organization which wants to relate to its client in the most effective manner (Allen, McQuarrie, & Barr, 1998). This may be achieved by creating a high level of satisfaction in customers through improved budgets, buying better equipment, improving or renovating the building and by charging lower prices on products and services. Therefore, marketing in the field of fashion should be seen to be a deliberate attempt to bring about the said exchanges of value with clients in the field of fashion. Marketing is above advertising what services are offered. However, it is also a progression by which research is assembled to inform in stitutional objectives and the tactical actions required to attain those objectives. At one point, marketing was a concept that was completely unknown to the public sector, possibly because the term was directly related with thoughts of selling. New changes in the communal sector have sited a great deal of prominence on arms-length associations and trading or quasi-trading associations. The modifications have also permitted managers more freedom to choose where they should get the services they need, or if they should be service providers themselves. Hence marketing has developed into a more important issue (MacDaniel, 1998). It has become vital for bosses in the public sector to expand marketing skills so as to vend services and thoughts to their stakeholders, consumers, executives and staff. Managers have had to reason critically about how best to inform potential clients about the services that they can offer and how to make sure these services meet customer requirements. In the fashion sector, this has destined increased importance on service to the public, on ascertaining the needs and ensuring that those desires are met. These are all issues close to the hearts of marketing professionals. A lot of managers are finding themselves occupied with facets of marketing. Whereas, some will find it as a new experience that will be pleasant, depending on one’s personality and earlier experience. Marketing relies a lot on planning the

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